A clean slate (The story of this website)

I was mulling for days on what would be a good debut post for my newly-created website. If I can only show you what happened behind-the-scenes, I scribbled some ideas like ‘why I became a writer’ but thought that the topic was too self-important and no one really cared about that. I also thought of sharing the ‘tricks of the trade’ that I picked up over the years of me working from the bottom of the inverted pyramid to probably the middle (get it?), however, I quickly dismissed the idea for it will be better to share that at later posts.

The friend who helped me build this website (shout out to Brian Kevin Felix) told me to narrow down and be specific on the purpose of this website. Easier said than done as my interests are wide-ranging. I love to cook and to eat, to read, to drink coffee, to watch anime and Japanese shows, and to travel — and I have an opinion on everything.

During one of my spring cleaning escapades in this ongoing quarantine, I found a box containing my “notebooks”. When I was in highschool and college, I used to keep notebooks where I jot down my thoughts, ideas, reflections, and brain farts. People will call them a journal, but I just call them “notebooks” because they are a hodgepodge of scribbles and doodles.

As I turn each page, while nostalgic, I can’t help my toes from curling. “Did I really write that?” I thought to myself and I felt my face become red from embarrassment. I cringed on my grammar and naiveté.

Days later, I revisited an old blog of mine for an online course that I am taking. The blog was made almost 10 years ago when I was starting my career as a writer for a digital publication. I realised how much I have improved in my craft and here I am 10 years later.

Thus, here we are! Just like when Richard Whitman assumed the identity of Don Draper to have a clean slate, a fresh start, I also want a blank page for my writing.

This website is me starting over. My clean break from old habits like my affinity for using ellipses and question leads.

A platform for my voice.

A stewpot for my creative ideas.

A space dedicated to Kristin Dian Mariano by Kristin Dian Mariano in the world wide web.

In this website, I plan to share posts about my quirky interests, my knowledge, my writing techniques, my experiences, and a sliver of my life.

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