The skincare routine for those who hate skincare routines (Part 2 – Travel & weekend edition)

In Part 1 of this series, you know that I have neither the patience nor the energy for long and tedious skincare routines. My normal night-time routine is cleanse, tone and moisturise and my skin has never been better.

Again, I learned that our skin reacts to products differently. The key to a perfect routine is to find the best products for your skin. Take note, they do not have to be the expensive ones.

In this article, I will mention some of the additional steps I do during weekends when I have more time as well as the products I use when I’m travelling.

Facial scrub

It is not advisable to use facial scrub every day for it may cause small tears on your skin. I do a scrub once a week to remove dirt and dead skin that have accumulated on my face. My facial scrub is a simple combination of virgin coconut oil and brown sugar. I am obsessed with this DIY scrub mainly because it is cheap.

It has several benefits as well; coconut oil has antibacterial properties and is a natural moisturiser. Sugar, on the other hand, is less abrasive than salt or walnut in store-bought products. The best thing is they do not have microbeads, which are tiny plastic spheres that can pollute the environment.

Also, I love products or ingredients that I can use in several ways. I grew up using coconut oil on my hair. When we were little, my mom would apply VCO while combing our hair. Her favourite past time is magkuto and magsuyod to keep lice off our mane. Until now, I apply VCO or aloe vera gel (my moisturiser) from time to time especially when I feel like my hair is dry.


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Micellar water

The other toner that does not hurt my skin is micellar water. I use micellar water whenever I’m travelling because I can also use it to remove my make-up. Again, an example of products that serve several purposes.


On weekends, as part of my self-care, I apply a clay mask on my face after a facial scrub. The primary benefit of masks is to reduce excess oil. My go to product at the moment is Human Nature’s Pollution Defense Face Mask. Since I only do masks once a week, the product lasts quite a long time.

Meanwhile, whenever I am travelling for work or holiday, I bring several packs of Korean face masks and use it every night to refresh my skin after a whole day of activities. It is also my simple way to unwind and relax when I finally get to my hotel room at the end of the day.

*This post is not sponsored by any of the mentioned products.

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