We did the “Bocchi the Rock!” pilgrimage in Shimokitazawa, Enoshima, and Kanazawa Hakkei

When my son and I went to Japan, he has one thing he wanted to accomplish. He wanted to visit the IRLs (in real-life locations) of his (current) favourite anime “Bocchi the Rock!” and recreate the scenes.

Before our flight, I did most of the preparations. I researched the locations and maps, gathered all the screenshots of the scenes he would recreate, and planned the itinerary.

We went to three separate locations for the “Bocchi the Rock!” pilgrimage:

  • Shimokitazawa
  • Enoshima
  • Kanazawa Hakkei

In Japan, we encountered a few challenges, such as times when I could not get the right angle, too many people to take a good shot, and one establishment banned all anime fans from taking photos outside their business. Thank God, it turned out alright. See the photos below:


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